When my sister visited a few weekends ago, I asked her to help me with some cute nail art ideas – my nails were short so I didn’t have much to work with but wanted to use my new nail polish colors from the Essie Spring Collection and the Essie Resort Collection.

Just in time for warmer weather and outside activities, my sister recommended fruit inspired nail art. These adorable strawberry and cherry nails are easy to create, are perfect for shorter nails, and can be done with any color combination.

Essie polishes dry fast and are overall easy to work with when creating nail art. Essie Madison Ave-Hue and Essie First Timer were some of my favorites because of the unique colors and sparkly finish. My colorful strawberry and cherry nails were the “cherry on top” to a lovely weekend!

Strawberry nail design for short nails
These simple designs are excellent for short nails.

Tutorial on creating strawberry nails:

  1. Apply a base color polish that will be the main color of the strawberry – I picked red and pink (but who says we can’t have purple and yellow strawberries).
  2. Draw the leaf design at the base by combining different green polishes – vary the designs to add depth to the nail art.
  3. To create the strawberry seeds, add several mismatched elongated black dots.
  4. Wait for the nail art to dry, and apply a long lasting top coat like Seche Vite.
  5. Optional: go strawberry picking with your strawberry nails!

Fruit nails using Essie nail polishes

Nail polishes used:

  1. Essie Snap Happy swatch
  2. Essie First Timer swatch
  3. Essie Madison Ave-Hue swatch (has tiny glitter particles)

To complete this fruit nail art, I’m using the thumb as an accent nail by adding a cherry design. Now, this is what I called “Cherry” on top LOL!

Cherry thumb nail art
Don’t you just love these fruity nails?

There you go, guys!

I hope you love this amazing manicure as much as I do.

It’s really not difficult to do. Maybe you’ll need a bit of patience but hey…looking pretty and cute takes effort, right?

Happy painting!

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