NOTW (Nails Of The Week!)

Every girl likes pink and polka dots so I thought I’d try these Sally Hansen polish strips. There are several options with this line and these dots one always seems to be sold out. The strips were easy to apply, lasted a long time, and looked pretty. But with the good there’s always a bit of bad.

I’ll tell you more about it in my reviews below.

The Packaging:

Sally Hansen Salon Effects box packaging
This is what the package box looks like

The kit included a nail file, a cuticle stick, and 16 strips of varying sizes. The file is quite handy, but I find it a bit short.

There are some sizes offered, however, the small finger is almost unusable for me because of the skinny width. I’ll write about all the pros and cons here.


The strips were easy to apply and directions were detailed. You have to first file your nails, peel the strips, and place them on your nail. You then file off the excess and you can also apply a top coat.

The product has various options so these should fit any type of nails. Because you do not have to use a brush, there are no streaks and the nail looks quite shiny. There is no nail polish “outside” the lines for that clean look. When you’re done, the nails can be removed easily with nail polish remover.


I had several problems with peeling the nail off the sticker. I opened a box to look at it a few days back and when I actually peeled the nail today, it was not sticky anymore – I ended up throwing away a bunch of them. Word of advice, open the sealed packaging only when you are ready to complete the manicure.

I also wish the print out was more high quality because as of now, I can literally see the pixels. Lastly, the strips do look a bit fake, it doesn’t look as if you have nail polish on but rather you glued stickers to your nails. Which…I guess…I did do.

My rating:

I will give this a grade: 2/5

You could also use this as an accent nail and paint other nails white or pink to match – this will loosen the “sticker” look while still being pretty. I’d recommend this product for a dress-up event or for those rainy days when you have nothing to do. Otherwise, you’re better off with a white nail polish and a pink art pen.

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