Red rose headpiece with wired ribbon

Sometimes, the best hair accessories are the ones you create by yourself!

Okay, I’ve been inspired by the whole “Day of the Dead” theme lately and wanted make some red rose headpieces that would match the theme.

I didn’t have any fake or real flowers laying around the house, and since I think that some roses are important to the whole look, so I decided to use about 2 feet of red glittery wired ribbon to make some.

Well, it worked !

In fact, it turned out much better than I originally thought. The cost of this was $0, since I’m only using what I’ve got. Yes, I can’t be frugal at times.

How did I make it?

I twisted the ribbon around in three sections until it looked like three roses. You can play around with it, but you don’t need to strive for highly realistic roses. I used three pins to pin it to my hair (one for each rosette). That’s all you need since it’s very light and won’t fall off! Tuck the wiry ribbon ends under your braids.

It’s easy, light, wearable and cute (glitter’s a plus)! You can try and make rosettes out of other colors and out of longer ribbon pieces – this way you’ll have a fuller head piece, depending on what you want.

Key notes:

– I was practicing, but you could try a straighter middle part and neater braids
– I used a Martha Steward wired glitter ribbon from Kmart
– I used 3 pins to attach the headpiece to my hair; try and tuck them under your hair!

Spoiler Alert !

Like I said, I was so ready to dress up for the upcoming Halloween and “Day of the Dead” celebration so I decided to put everything together.

This is what I came up with.

Rose headpiece with skull makeup
Roses and skulls belong together

I will put up a link to that post once I’m done.

For now, stay pretty!

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