LATEST UPDATE: It turns out that Julep has retired their monthly subscription box program. Instead, they have done a makeover on their loyalty program which you can find more information here.

You can continue to read my past review below.

Let’s talk subscription boxes, and specifically the Julep Maven boxes. I’ve heard some positive and some negative comments in the blog-sphere about the Julep box subscription and I wanted to actually see for myself what the “deal” was.

I had a code for the penny box where the first introduction Julep box costs a cent and I only had to pay shipping charges. So… what did I think of the Julep Box and program, and should you sign up as a Julep Maven?

Start by taking a short quiz

Taking a Julep short quiz

Prior to becoming a Julep Maven, you take a short quiz with cute little pictures and you are emailed a profile – you are not stuck with this profile and can actually see the other profiles and included items.

With the exception of “It Girl” which comes with three polishes for an intro box, the rest come with two polishes and a nail care related item. I was an “American Beauty” and the introductory box for this month was with cuticle oil which worked out great because I ran out of my old one.

Due to the holiday sales, I was able to add another polish for free and I did do some switcharoos. No matter what Maven you pick or are assigned, you are able to customize your box and add items often at a much lower cost – the extra polish was free because of Thanksgiving sales and Julep is very good about having freebies and deals.

What was in my box?

My box included the Julep Pippa (pink undertone nude), Julep Drew (bright reddish pink, almost neon), and Julep Lynn (a frosty pink peach). The additional item, the Julep cuticle oil, came in a similar bottle with a roller-ball application. The cuticle oil is very soft, applies easily, absorbs into the skin quickly so it is not runny, and smells fresh.

Julep always includes some cute extras and I was lucky to receive two tiny pots of white and silver glitter. Again, not only do you get to customize the box, but you also receive some freebies and if as adorable as these pots, the box is even more worth it.

Can you sense where I’m going with this?

It wasn’t as bad as I thought

Because I’ve heard and read several negative reviews, I wanted to be the one beacon of hope and let the readers know that I actually loved this box and if you can afford the 20$, or are considering a subscription, this Julep Maven box is more than worth it.

You get nail polishes from a large selection of colors, the packaging is beautiful, the quality of the polish is great, you can add items for a large discount, and you may get additional products.

I’ll review the polishes individually in upcoming posts, but so far, they have not chipped, became opaque in two coats, and are still shiny (Julep swatches below have no top coat). When I ordered the Julep Maven introductory box, I had it set in mind to cancel but after seeing the thoughtful packaging and the quality of the actual full sized products, I reconsidered and am saving up for future months.

Yes, the box is expensive at 20$ USD, but for nail polish addicts, this is a wonderful subscription and worth the value.

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