Up until today, I have yet to find the perfect eyebrow gel but the Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara is the closest thing that I could find.

So, I’m doing a review on this today and since my sister was the one who bought this (that’s ok…we like sharing things) so I will be getting an insight from her as well.

Let’s see what we both think about this product below.

Maybelline Clear Mascara product package
Wand is relatively small, good size for brows and lashes

My sister’s thoughts

Pros: I purchased this gel for my eyebrows since I have full eyebrows and by the end of the day they are unruly and all over the place; this was the most affordable I could find (approximately $5.99), because I’d rather invest in some awesome eyeshadow or blush instead.

I comb this product through my eyebrows after I put on an eyebrow pencil underneath, and it definitely makes everything look nice and have a shape. The gel doesn’t dry hard or waxy, it pretty much just feels like your normal eyebrow hairs.

Cons: Unfortunately it doesn’t last too long for me..I put it on at 7 am and by 3 pm my eyebrows are all over the place. I almost wish this was waxier or heavier duty. Also, be careful when you put it on, I always have to remove excess product that comes out of the tube.

Grade: 2.5/5

My thoughts

Pros: I have fine eyebrows that end up all over the place because I wear bangs and constantly touch my forehead. I used to use clear lip gloss just to set my eyebrows but that, understandably, turned into a sticky disaster.

As for the Maybelline clear mascara, this gel does not flake, and does not really dry, but it grooms the eyebrows, sets the shape, and gives definition.

I know my sister doesn’t really like this eyebrow gel, but I find that by the end of the day my eyebrows still look clean and shaped correctly.

Cons: You have to wipe the wand in a tissue because there is too much gel from this product and will be clumpy if you don’t.

Grade: 3.5/5

What other people think?

Since we have only used this as a brow gel and have not tried it with our eyelashes, I think it is good to get other people’s opinions.

Here are 3 youtube videos that I’ve found.

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