Galaxy nail art

What’s better than the universe on your digits – this is one of my favorite manicures to date! Small details such as planets and stars can add infinite dimension to your manicure – make this as intricate as you’d like.

I have always been mesmerized by galaxy manicures, as I think the idea of small windows to the universe on my hands is… well, pretty awesome.

It was much easier than expected!

I was under the impression that this would be difficult to recreate, but to my surprise, it was actually one of the easiest manicures I’ve done!

Everything is free form, no straight lines, mistakes can be covered and layered over, and the colors used will hint to a galaxy on their own.

I strongly encourage you to try this manicure as I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, both in how easy it is to achieve and how lovely it will look. I have included a materials list and two tutorials to depict two different shades of the galaxy. Enjoy!

Materials Used:

  • 1 makeup sponge (the finer texture the better)
  • 1 Qtip
  • Polish Remover (for cleanup)

Polishes Used:

CORAL Colors Nail Polish
– Pure Ice Spitfire
– Kiss Nail Artist “White”
– Revlon Sunshine Sparkle
– Covergirl My Papaya
– Soo Nails Purple
– Sinful Colors Dream on
– Seche Vite Topcoat

BLUE Colors Nail Polish
– Kiss Nail Artist
– Revlon Midnight Sparkle
– Salon Perfect Sparkling Sapphire
– Revlon Superstitious
– Sinful Colors Dream on
– Soo Nails
– Pure Ice Spitfire
– Seche Vite Topcoat

Step-by-step instructions

Coral Hue Galaxy

The main idea behind this coral hue galaxy is to seamlessly blend the light white areas with the dark pink background color. Keep your polish relatively light and use the pointed tip of your sponge.

Galaxy nails tutorial

Begin by sponging a white base followed by a light purple and coral to blend. Add a yellow color in the middle of white area, to symbolize the center of the cosmic dust. Sponge an iridescent blue nail polish around the edges of your nail to add more depth and create contrast. Paint a supernova (starburst) by starting your lines from the center and dragging out; this will make the lines get thinner towards the ends, making them look as part of the universe and not clunky. Add glitter and concentrate it around the cosmic dust to not overwhelm the design.

Blue Toned Galaxy

Begin by painting a dark base as the main galaxy color (black nail polish, indigo nail polish, etc). The main idea for this blue toned galaxy is to blend the light colored cosmic dust with this dark background. Use purple, dark magenta, and blue to achieve this effect. Keep the center of the cosmic dust the lightest, brightest white to imitate light. Paint a planet by dipping a Q tip in your light blue and twisting it in place to achieve a sphere. Repeat the action with a darker color on top to give dimension to the planet; finish it off by adding white around its edges as if it’s illuminated. Concentrate glitter polish around the cosmic dust and top off with your favorite topcoat.

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