Flower and Lace nail art with gems

With nail art, it’s the little things that count (the really tiny, teeny little things).

For this flowers and lace nail design, I kept the color palette simple and the shapes clean. Using Essie Mademoiselle, I drew delicate cherry blossom flowers that complemented the baby blue Sally Hasen base. I added lace nail art designs throughout to make the final look cohesive (lace is quite easy to draw on but if you’re still skeptical be sure try our step by step tutorial).

Flower and lace nails close up
I kept the colors simple with light blue, pink and white

And now, for a bit of edge and a bit sparkle, I added these bar rhinestones from Amazon as accents. The rhinestones are quite miniature so application has to be more precise (however, I like the smaller size as the gems do not overwhelm the overall design).

When my sister was visiting this past weekend, she asked how the gems are actually staying on (which made me realize that some may not have experience with how to apply rhinestones to nails).

Nail art gems
These little diamond gems look so cute and glamorous!

To apply gems, I dab a small dot of Seche Vite on the nail and using tweezers or nail art tools, I pick up the gem and apply each individually (you can add a top coat for good measure, but this may cause the luster finish to dull). Be sure to wait long enough to allow the base to dry and the rhinestones will stay on safely until time for removal.

Amazon carries a wide and affordable selection of nail art tools and rhinestones – I used the small silver glitter gems as I wanted to create a subtle 3D effect. My nail ornament wheel, which cost only $3.50, includes basic shapes such as flowers, half moons, stars, circles, rectangle bars, and teardrops (next on my wish list are these lovely pastel pearls).

Simple flower nail art
Looking lovely 🙂

If you like simple nail designs, consider adding nail art rhinestones and gems for just the right amount of shine. As you can see, I’ve only put them on 3 nails on each hand to prevent it from looking overwhelming.

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