When my sister visited me back in May, we realized that everyone was celebrating Cinco de Mayo with good food, good drinks, and good times.

While the month was a busy one for both of us, I wanted to join in the festivities by creating a nail design inspired by Cinco de Mayo.

I came up with a fun yet sophisticated look inspired by the rich imagery of Hispanic culture. I chose red and green nail polish colors, but you can substitute for any vibrant polishes you may have available.

Sugar Skull and Roses Nails

To celebrate these colors and the true spirit of Cinco de Mayo, I have decided to use sugar skull and red rose for my main designs.

The base color can be any light color in your polish collection, as you don’t necessarily need stark white as a base. I have CND’s shellac in “Cake Pop” as a base since I thought the pink base would give this manicure a cute twist.

Full hand Cinco de Mayo nail design

I glued the small gems with a clear top coat and the rest of the details were painted on free hand. Some bright geometric art, a crown of roses, a smiling sugar skull and some diamonds are the festive elements in this Cinco de Mayo nail art manicure

Polishes Used:

– Revlon “Posh” 571
– American Apparel “Port” 42010
– Sinful Colours “Pink Forever” 713
– Kiss Nail Artist “Black”
– Wet n Wild Mega Shine “Red” 414A

Step-by-step tutorial

Red Roses Crown

Red roses are the perfect accent for any manicure. For this Mexican celebration, I’m making a simple rose crown on the tip of 2 finger nails, which includes the index and middle fingers (two on each hand). I didn’t want the design to be too complicated as this can overshadow other patterns.

This nail art is easy to achieve by following these simple steps:

Red rose crown nail tutorial

Sugar Skull

Even though sugar skulls are mainly used to celebrate the “Day of the Dead” in Mexico, as people honor relatives who have passed away, it has become increasingly popular on Cinco de Mayo. It is also seen as the spirit of the holiday.

I will be putting this on the ring finger only (one on each hand). The eyes will be decorated with flowers and the nose will be done with a small heart. The teeth and mouth will be achieved with circular line patterns.

Sugar skull nail tutorial

As you can see, by having a single sugarskull on each hand, it really stands out!

Reader’s Recommendations: I love celebrating different occasions, even if it’s with a quick and easy nail art manicure (it adds to the festive mood!).

As always, have fun with your manicure and I hope you all have a great time on Cinco de Mayo every single year!

Remember to always come back for more pretty nail ideas.

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